Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Are we becoming "Always on-the-record?"

Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12 - A very interesting predictions post from O'Reilly Radar. For me, the most notable prediction - "Always on-the-record." Perhaps with the increasing visibility enabled by social media, and behind-the-scenes data collection, aggregation and repackaging, the "average joe" will also be always on-the-record.  I think this may have some long term cultural implications, gradually shape common "public" behaviours, and perhaps over the short term, even lead to risk averse, "share less not more."

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Peter Zakrzewski said...

Gov 2.0 could highlight threats and expose unknown threats, but it could equally expose what we initially thought might be a threat(risk aversion), which then turns out not be a threat at all.