Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Framework for Collaboration

In a spontaneous conversation with Peter at Cognitive Potential talking about some key elements of collaboration, regardless of scope, I/we came up with this simple framework.  I thought I'd share.


Kian said...

That's a good bird's eye view of the problem-solving framework you have there, Arseneault!

Perhaps it'll hasten the problem/opportunity step further if "all info" are channeled through a distillation filter first - to outline key Insights?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely... that's what I meant by "relevant".. without some filtering the collaborative process would bog down.. and part of that filtering can be done by good content systems, but also by information agents and librarians that can determine information needs and help bring the right quality information to the conversation.

Something else I was thinking about as I was reading your comment.. the need for the collaborators to work together on the filterning criteria, by develoing some form of shared understanding about what "relevancy" means.. I'm relating this a bit to some workshops I did a while back with groups of managers who needed to be more equitable about their use of discretion in the context of corporate leave policy. We exposed them, in break out groups to create a diversity of experienc/age/tenure, to a series of increasingly difficult case studies, and asked each group to make a decision. Instrumental in the learning process was to have each group ALSO explain, in detail, their thinking process, and also what information they considered relevant or not. All found it very enlightening when they began sharing their thinking.