Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Ten Characteristics of a Really Good Business Transformation / ECM Project Manager

In many respects, an ECM project is a business transformation project. Depending on the specifics, it changes how information is captured and managed, it changes how end-users interact with information in terms of process and practice, and it changes the nature of information services offered to clients. Project managers are challenged with planning and managing work that impacts all three of these groups in different ways.  Not an easy task.

In this type of environment, I think project managers must be able to:

  1. manage cross-discipline project team culture and build common language and understanding
  2. manage the social systems within which the project team, clients, partners and key decision makers interact, share information and make decisions
  3. effectively use project management processes and tools in ways that provide for the necessary agility and experiential learning,and enables the resulting timely course corrections to happen
  4. ensure consistent information is provided in a timely fashion across multiple stakeholder groups/perspectives - right information, right time, right way, fit for purpose
  5. work effectively with the solution business owner to navigate the political climate across the organization / business area
  6. keep the team focused on business outcomes/ objectives, and prevent the focus /attention from being overtaken by technology discussions, challenges and outcomes
  7. facilitate clarity of roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and a future focus, and steer the team away way from blame-setting and finger pointing when inevitable project challenges arise
  8. equip key decision makers with the information / knowledge they need to make timely decisions
  9. constantly strip away complexity / confusion in conversations and help everyone focus on the key vital ideas / information
  10. demonstrate and encourage authentic conversations based on transparency, honesty, and a focus on corporate good/business value
(Below is a short video from the authors of the book Authentic Conversations - definitely worth the read!)

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