Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stoyko on the "The Lump of Knowledge Falicy".

Peter Stoyko has composed a great essay titled "The Lump of Knowledge Falicy" wherein he very articulately distinguishes between the stock/flow view of knowledge and KM and the learning /social view, and points to some of the problems associated with an unbalenced focus on the former.  Well worth the read.

In conclusion Peter states: "It’s time to recognise the true nature of knowledge, which has a lot to do with human psychology, socio-political relations, and the anatomy of the brain. Data and information are important for organisations. But some knowledge can’t be shoe-horned into portable and pliable documentation. We have to avoid the lump of knowledge fallacy because it’s causing managers to ignore important sources of insight and creativity. And it’s causing managers to fund learning activities that promise a quick-fix instead of those which produce the long-term intellectual growth of employees."

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