Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Best Practice Knowledge Transfer - Practical Ideas

I participated in a recent SKIM Leaders community conference call, featuring a presentation by Kent Greenes about best practice knowledge transfer.

I captured a number of interesting explicit/implicit ideas that have merit.

  1. "Best" or "better" practices are not adopted, they're adapted.
  2. A very interesting quote: "You don't have a better or best practice until someone else is using it." - Jack Welch
  3. The leaner is important, and making learning (identifying, accessing and adapting) easy is critical, or people will re-create "good enough."
  4. There is high value in focusing on general, broadly applicable practices first, rather than choosing highly specialized practices.
  5. Do something, see what works, then broaden the scope.
  6. Peer Assist is a critical tool to begin, and even conclude, the process.
  7. Uncover success stories, communicate the stories, and assist learning and adaption process.
  8. Facilitation is critical to the process - both the role and the capability.
  9. Documentation / video / audio artefacts are the starting point for discovery and productive conversation - it is vital to put people with the learning needs and the people who have the leveragable practices together to enable transfer.
  10. To facilitate discovery of best/better practices, short (<1>Leverage communities wherever possible - knowledge transfer is what these forms are all about.

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