Monday, July 30, 2007

How Knowledge Management is like Golf

  • the "sweet spot" though obvious, is often illusive
  • it's not all about technology, though it helps
  • upgrade opportunities abound
  • it's not enough to look good doing it
  • collaboration is required across multiple systems and disciplines
  • though you may be able to see the goal, the hazards are always in play
  • there are many tools to choose from - the challenge is picking the right one, and using it effectively
  • there are many ways to get to the outcome, which is often different depending on who you talk to
  • everyone has advice to offer
  • it is both humbling and educational to see the "pros" do it
  • anyone can do it right once, often by accident, but there is only a very small portion of the players who do it right consistently
  • opinions and perspectives abound
  • there are tons of books and articles on the subject
  • not everyone can see the value in playing
  • no two courses (organizations) are alike

... anyone have any other pithy ideas?

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Paul McDowall said...

Hi Dale,
Here are some other quick thoughts.
- Its easy to do it, but not easy to do it really well;
- yes it can be 'taught' but because of the endemic role of experiential (tacit) knowledge, it is really 'learned' more than taught;
- it requires a good mental approach, including a fair degree of humility;
- it helps to have other people around you who are willing and qualified to help you see what needs work;
- if you want to improve, it requires some talent and a lot of perseverance;
- it has more to do with balance and timing than it does with raw power or control;
- we don't get to do it as much as we would like;
- while the quantitative results are usually what people ask about, it gives great personal satisfaction when you know you have done it well;
- the various parts (of the body/org) have to work together for it to work well;
- every experience presents you with an opportunity to learn - it's up to you whether you choose to use it that way or not.

Lots more I'm sure but these come to mind right off the bat.